Improving Human Health with Predictive Multi-Scale Models

Discovery Collective is advancing human health by accelerating and de-risking drug target discovery through predictive mechanistic multi-scale models. We also lend our state-of-the-art modeling platform to K-16 education institutions for students to learn about human health and diseases through hands-on discovery. 

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Cell Collective

Our unique platform, Cell Collective, makes predictive computational modeling accessible to anyone. Biologists can generate novel hypotheses related to the dynamics of biological systems. Pharmaceutical R&D teams can easily collaborate to discover new drug targets. Computational biologists can systematically interrogate the dynamic properties of multiple biological systems and integrate their insights with high-throughput data. Students (from K-12 to post-secondary) can learn about biology and diseases by building, simulating, and breaking computer models, instead of memorizing individual system components.




Quantitative Systems Pharmacology

Our mechanistic computational models enable us to go beyond the traditional one-drug-one-target concept and apply a systems-level, dynamics-driven approach to drug discovery. Use Mechanistic Quantitative Systems Pharmacology models to generate novel drug targets (and combinations thereof) and gain insights into the systems-level mechanism of action of your compounds.



Pharma and Biotech

We help pharma and biotech companies accelerate and decrease the cost of drug discovery. We build comprehensive mechanistic multi-scale models of diseases and their underlying processes and discover novel high-confidence drug targets based on systems-level disease dynamics.



Reprogramming the Human Immune System

The human immune system is an incredibly complex system governed by network-like processes at the level of intercellular communication and intracellular signal transduction networks and immunometabolism. We work with our partners to decipher the complexities of the immune system and to re-wire and re-program it en masse towards a healthy state through novel treatments.